Alabama Veterinary Professionals Wellness Program - Where Healing Begins
Veterinarians have problems, like everyone else, including problems that can cause professional impairment. Studies have shown that the lifetime prevalence of substance abuse, mental illness, and/or physical health problems among health professionals is about 30%. In other words, approximately one out of three veterinarians will experience a serious mental or physical health problem during their career.
Most of these problems can be treated, and careers preserved.
To facilitate early detection and appropriate treatment for troubled veterinarians, veterinary technicians, support staff and families without risk of disciplinary action or blemish to their careers, the Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (ASBVME) in cooperation with the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association (ALVMA) sponsored the passage of a law in Alabama that created a confidential program to assist veterinarians, the Alabama Veterinary Professional Wellness Program (AVPWP).
Benefits of the Alabama Veterinary Professionals Wellness Program (AVPWP)
  • Strictly Confidential
  • Evaluation and treatment without risk to career
  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff
  • High success rate
  • Advocacy with the Alabama State Board of Veterinary Examiners, colleagues and employers
This Program is made possible by funds provided by the Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.
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