Alabama Veterinary Professionals Wellness Program - Where Healing Begins
Jerome B. Williams, DVM - Director
Dr. Williams has worked with professional health programs since 1999. His goal is to provide the best possible support and assistance to veterinary professionals. He believes that the best approach involves honesty, kindness, and working together to face and handle problems directly. Dr. Williams has won the trust of Alabama physicians, veterinarians, regulatory boards, and others.
  • Alabama Veterinary Medical Association & Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners; Wellness Committee - Member
  • Focus on Recovery; 2009 - President
  • Jefferson County Veterinary Medical Association; 2008 - Advisor
  • Alabama Veterinary Medical Foundation - Secretary/Treasurer; 2008 - 2010
  • Red Mountain Wellness and Restoration Foundation; 2011 - Executive Director
Journals and Publications
  • Alabama Veterinarian; Journey Towards Wellness (2003)
  • Alabama Veterinarian; Serenity Is Better Than Sex (2009)
  • Veterinary Practice News; Quoted in Article: A Culture of Denial (2008)
  • Veterinary Practice News; Quoted in Article: Suicide Study Prompts Call to Action (2008)
  • Journal of Medical Education - University of Toronto: Failure to Acknowledge High Suicide Risk among Veterinarians (2011)
Jim Alford, MD.
Lindsey S. Earley
Muriel Tarver
Non-Staff Consultants
Tim Gooden, MD
Cecelia A. Watts, BS., MA., LPC
Case Manager
Research/Multimedia Design
Birmingham Addiction Medicine, LLC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Wellness Committee
The Alabama Veterinary Professionals Wellness Committee Supervises the Alabama Veterinary Professionals Wellness Program. Members of the committee are nominated by the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association and appointed by the Alabama Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.
Wellness Committee Chairman
Sandra Foster, L.V.T., Ph.D. 
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